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Mike Stern


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Does anybody know exactly what Stern's current gear is? I went to his website and it seems to not have any information on his gear past 1999. All i know is that guitar wise he's basically using his Yamaha Mike Stern Signature Pacifica guitar and his custom Telecaster. I heard his changed his amp set-up recently though I've been told he still uses his yamaha SPX-90 and G-100...
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Haven't been to the 55 in over 2 ears to see Mike :( Last I saw him he was using a 4 10 cab I think a Hartke and a Yamaha Combo with 2 12".


Just checked the site yup that's what he was using last I saw him. If you're near NYC you HAVE to go see him at the 55 bar in the village. It's a tiny place. Mike has to move out of the way if you need to use the bathroom. The cover charge includes 2 drinks. Best bargain in the city. Looks like Mike isn't playing until Dec 1st.


Mike usually plays Monday's and Wednesdays. Leni his wife plays on Tuesdays also worth seeing. Wayne Krantz plays on Thursdays also an amazing guitarist!


It's been too long since I've been down there. Next time I go home for a visit I'll be going.

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