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Hit the road, Jack


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Saw a gal play a coffeehouse last weekend. She was going to play a gig next night in Louisiana, then head for New Mexico for a couple, then to Arizone for a couple, then backtrack and play a few more. Heckuva lot of driving. Alone. She likes that.


Artists who I like, I watch where they tour and I keep the names of clubs they play. Other than assembling them like that and contacting these venues and send a press kit, how would you find out where to play, say, if you wanted to go see Aunt Sally in California and play SOLO guitar gigs along the way? Well, I guess an agent would do that but I don't have one.

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Originally posted by Tedster:

You may want to drop this guy a line:




David's done just the sort of thing you're talking about...traveling across country, playing solo gigs along the way at any place that would have him. Good musician and a heckuva nice guy, too...

Tedster, I thought of you when I posted this. Thanks for the link. Anyway, I was going to tip you off to this girl... we've been discussin backing tracks... listen to this girl's song -- "Mayday." Click on the band version. I was thinking of you... this would not be that hard to do backing tracks on. I don't mean this song in particular, I'm just talking about the arrangement. A little bass, a little percussion, maybe a bit of strings.


BTW, I love her song... I think it's a fantastic song and I hope she does well. She's very good performing live, too.


Actually, here is a direct link --

Mayday - Wendy Colonna

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Hey, great tune! Really nice, laid back stuff. Voice maybe a little like Natalie Merchant.


Seems like it'd be pretty straightforward. Strings on a keyboard. I'm no keyboard player...but, actually, that sort of song lends itself well to whatever arrangement you give it, acoustic guitar, piano, whatever...anything would work.


Keep me posted...thanks, Duke...

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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