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Stompbox tuners.


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Hey all! It's been a while since I've been on here but I need some suggestions. My band plays in Eb and Im looking for a stompbox tuner. What would you guys reccomend? I was looking at the Boss tu-2 and the fender stompbox tuner. I have no other pedals right now I just go straight into my amp. I am skeptical about the fender tuner because it looks like it would only be good for standard. Im not sure about the tu-2. Sadly none of the music stores in my city are any good and don't carry the boss tu-2 readily in stock. So any reccomendations would be appreciated.
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I don't put a tuner between gtr and amp, i just go from the "preamp out" of my Hotrod Deluxe in the tuner - that's it, NO return, the amp keeps working, the tuner doesn't mess with my tone - of course you canonly do this if you don't have anything else in the effects loop
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Some amp's effects loops will work with nothing in the "return", some might not. Some interupt the signal from pre-amp to power-amp. Try before you commit!


They're quite pricey, but the ultimate pedal-style tuner is definitely the Peterson Strobo Stomp. I know that it'll be my next tuner- probably after Christmas (gotta spend money on other people then, right?) ;) , perhaps as a "Birthday Present" to my self. (Magic rings are a bit scarce these days... ) ;):D


Do a search on this Guitar Forum for "Peterson", "Strobo Stomp", "tuner", etc. There was a lot of (satisfied) discussion hereabouts on the Peterson tuners a while back.


By the way, good to see you around again, Marc!

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My bassist and I both bought Korg DT-10 tuners about eight months ago.


We like them... they're dead solid (made of steel), they have a lighted display, will tune to half-steps, have two output options (mute or parallel), run on batteries or AC and they don't seem to load down our signal chains at all. They run about $80-$90, depending on where ya look.


Like I said, they work for us.



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