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Italian Guitar God surfaces at the SSS

Guitar Geezer

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Originally posted by billster:

That Zappatore guy put a post on the Master Music Thread here. Of course the link didn't work right :mad:


I can't really fault them too much, they introduced themselves humbly enough, and hit the music thread.

My bad english made me not understand so much.. which is the problem?


which link did not work?

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I very much doubt that you succeed in luring people into your site because:

A. Chitaristi.com is in Italian

B. Apparently your friend Tony is the "deus ex machina" of the site. Tony has been as rude in his posts as he has been embarrassing in his video.

C. The site is too metal oriented anyway.


The thread "Share your music with the forum" is supposed to be for posting your music, and then getting an opinion from the other forumites.


Since you seem to have a like for beautiful music, I think you will find that there's an awful amount of knowledge you can get from the people here. Read the threads that have already been written. The expertise here is truly amazing, and even more amazing to me is the humbleness they keep.


PM me if I can help you understand some of the posts. ;)

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Originally posted by The Vinerator:

Generally not embarrassed by my heritage, I hate it when it creeps up and scares me like this . . .

Don't fret it, you Italian Stallion of lawyers!!! :wave:



"Treat your wife with honor, respect, and understanding as you live together so that you can pray effectively as husband and wife." 1 Peter 3:7


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Originally posted by The BiCorcist:

Don't fret it, you Italian Stallion of lawyers!!! :wave:


:thu: [/QB]

Fret over that, I shan't. Fret over my axes' fretboards, I shall!


There are certain things my people can do to get on my nerves. For example, I was a tad annoyed when the "Italian Anti-defamation League" started organizing protests against HBO for airing the Sopranos: there's nothing worse then a bunch of wimpy-whiny Italians!


Excuse me while I go warm up my lobster ravioli primavera . . .

Vinny Cervoni




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