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Earplugs re-re-re-revisited


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Just tried a pair of the Etymotic Research ER-20 High-Fidelity Earplugs as recommended by Scary Muddy Cat in this thread.


They worked great for me! Compared to conventional plugs, they allow for a much more natural sound. So natural at first I didn't think I had them inserted correctly, or that I wasn't really getting much protection (until I took one out mid-song . . . it went right back in), but I had no ear fatigue at the end of the night.


Comfort-wise . . . well, they're flanges, which to me are not as comfortable as foam plugs, or my former-favorite Bilsom down plugs. But they're not exactly UNcomfortable, and the sound quality more than makes up for it. For example, one side-benefit was that other band members noted that I was speaking more naturally at appropriate volumes when we were on break. (With other plugs, I tend to speak too quietly).


As with all plugs, proper insertion is critical. And I suppose if you've never worn plugs, you're still gonna find they affect the way you perceive the audio spectrum. I don't think there's anything that you can stick in your ear that won't to some degree. But as an almost-lifelong plug wearer, I can say these are the best over-the-counter plug I've tried, fidelity-wise, and I've had some experience in the hearing-protection field.


I'm going to get a few more pairs to keep in my van and guitar cases and brief case. I'm also more eager to get a pair of custom-molds, now that I've heard how well the technology works.


To sum up, highly recommended. Thanks SM Cat! :cool:

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Wear 'em more and the flanges conform easily to your ear canals - unless they are especially narrow. If I go through a period where I don't need them, when I use them again they are a little tight feeling. That, and I'm no longer used to having something in there...
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I got a pair of those a few months ago.

They really are quite good, and they are comfortable enough (in both feel and sound) that I actually started using earplugs for the first time in my life.


I started to sing more in my band, and I just can't seem to get used to it. With the plugs in I hear myself much louder than everything else (which makes perfect sense), but that, in turn causes me to have trouble getting a proper vocal volume, and really makes it hard for me to blend with another singer. So I stopped using them.


I really should just try to get used to 'em, since I do want to keep my hearing for a while...

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They're a jelly-like earplug brand that are sold through mail order and retail music stores. They come in a small round plastic container to store them in.


They have a hole down the middle and don't seem to shut off the sound the way foam plugs do.

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