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Looking for orginal (EL34) Marshall 30th Anniversary schematics

A. J. Mogis

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Does anyone have or know of where I can find schematics for the original version of the Marshall 30th anniverary head? I've found schematics for the version that uses 5881 output tubes, but I'm trying to fix one that uses EL34's.


Any help is appreciated.




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Model # is 6100. Like I said, I've found schematics on the web for this amp, but they're for the revision Marshall came out with when it looked like there would be no more EL34's made back in the mid 90's. This later revision uses 5881's. I'm trying to fix the first version that uses EL34's in the power section.
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Wow! I couldn't find anything with EL-34s either. That being said, I wonder if there are any differences in the circuit at all.


As long as the plate voltage wasn't too high, they may have just subbed 5881s with a rebias.

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