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On string selection and tremolo's


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Hey guys--


I'm having a sinfully good time listening to and playing my new baby (very first electric I just got this week)


But I have a question regarding strings:


I know these (MIM Fat Strat's) come with Fender 9's from the factory, and I am pretty sure that my guitar's strings have not been changed before (bought used)--it is slightly over a year old.


Therefore, I'm thinking it would be wise to get some new strings for her.


I was researching the topic in the archives here on the forum, and saw that you should stay with the size that your trem is set to, or you have to recalibrate everything.




1) I was looking on the Webstrings site, and there are three different sizes of 9's-- is it OK to pick the heaviest ones? Will it matter? I would think it would...but I'm a dumm n00b :)


2) Would it be a better idea to just buy 10's and have the git tuned at my music store for them? (I know that they have a better overall sound--at least generally speaking)


2a) should I have said store adjust intonation/action/etc... when installing strings? (what the hell are these things anyway?)


Thanks for all the help!!!



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10's would have more tone. more mass.

action is the string height

any time you change string guege or height it is good to get the intonation done.

this requires moving the saddles back or forward to allow the guitar to play "be in tune" all over the neck.

here are some better explanations as well as good info.

info from kinman pickups

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the tremolo should be alright, if it isn't, just screw off the plate at the back and tighten the screws holding the springs - do this gently, a quarter turn at a time until the trem is in the "right" position (for your style, that is)


now I have my trem set almost blocked - very thight, only a bit of "down" movement possible


when I usd to play with floating trem, I found this trick worked perfect: put the spring cavity cover between trem and guitar body, then loosen springs very gently, until it falls out (hold guitar in playing position!! ;) ) that way you have about 1 tone of "up" movement. I used the same trick with the cover to hold floating trems (both "fender" AND "floyd rose" style in place when taking off all 6 strings, thus making sure to keep tension on the strings


good luck

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it's a good idea to have you're guitar set up any way if you just bought it , I use 10's on all of my guitars, if you beat the crap out of you're trem, like i do, then definitely the heavy gauge, in any case try out a few different kind's of strings find the one's you like , and take it in and get it set up for that gauge and you'll be good! :D


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