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new EFX in R & D

Dave da Dude

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My boss (Nick), read this and thought of me and my GAS :D


From MIT's Technology Reviews site ( Distortion EFX ) comes this review about Justin Frankel (former AOL big cheese) at his new company (Cockos in SF) and the new EFX pedal he's developing called "JesuSonic" (no offense BiC). The review follows:


"Justin Frankel (2002) left America Online early in 2004 and started Cockos in San Francisco, where hes developing the JesuSonic, a computerized guitar distortion pedal. Right now, its not much to look at: a circuit board inside a cardboard box, with cables running to a computer keyboard, a tiny display, and a guitar pedal. The fact that it works is somewhat miraculous, says Frankel, and the psychedelic sound it creates is so otherworldly that he calls it Gods own effects processor. Because the device will be fully programmable, Frankel hopes it will inspire communities of hacker musicians. The inventor of Winamp, a hugely popular free MP3 player, Frankel has made a career of marrying his interests in music and software. There are a lot of similarities, making music and writing code, he says. For one, theyre both nice to share. He hasnt yet formulated his business plan and doesnt know how much of his technology hell actually give away. But his musical experiments can be heard, for free, at JesuSonic "


It's ".. fully programmable .." and sounds (no pun intended :D ) pretty cool :cool:


Take a gander and a listen. I'm goin' to :cool:

Gotta' geetar... got the amp. There must be SOMEthing else I... "need".
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