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LP 3 pup` style - how's the volume/tones work?


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On Rondomusic.net I've been looking at the les paul copies and i've narrowed them down to two that i really like (i need humbuckers, bad).

A) Agile AL-2500 w/ 3 Humbuckers (I'd be going with the black)


B) Agile AL-2800 Deluxe Ash (I really like the Honey sunburst)


Anyway, what i want to know is how the 1 volume and 3 tone knobs work on them, and I take it that with the one volume knob you can't do the cool errrrrr r r r r r r r r r rrrrrr thing.


Another thing I've been looking at is that the deluxe ash has "hand crafted" frets, but the other one doesn't. How much better is "hand crafted" is what i want to know also...


thanks for the help guys

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go for the ash 2 humbucker model. i don't really think 3 humbuckers have much of an improvement over 2. the dual hum setup can get alot of tones by varying the volumes of each pickup when using the middle toggle position.

if a 3 humbucker axe is going to be effective i would suggest a 5 way switch.

the alnico pickups in the ash bodied 2 hum model would be warmer. i find ceramic harsh sounding.

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I never cared as much for the 3 pup Customs either... I'd go with the ash model. As far as how they wired the pups on the 3 pup model, I'd suggest dropping Rondo an email - that's your best place to get that information. They may - or may not - be wired like a stock Gibby 3 pup Custom.
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