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Simple Cab/Head question.

Roger Forester

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So if you have a 60 watt tube head, and a 400 (4x100's) watt cab, does that mean that each 100 watt speaker would be playing at 60 watts from the head, or what?


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I <3 you.
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I'm sure you will hear from the experts out there, but here is my humble opinion: If your tube head is rated at 60 watts, then that is likely the max power it is going to put out. Consequentally, your cab is being driven by 60 watts total, not 60 watts per speaker.

Anyway, back in my old electronic days, that is how sound systems worked. I'm not up on my 'stuff' nowadays tho.



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60 watts would be a "nominal" output rating for a tube amp, a reference to go by for its power. But tube amps can often greatly exceed the nominal output rating during "transients", reaching high levels of "peak power". That is, now and then a really hard-hit note or noise will really jump up there; my old "red-knob" Fender Twin was nominally rated at 100 watts, but the manual clearly stated that it was capable of short-term bursts of up to 417 watts or so* on transients!


*(I can't remember the exact figure given in the manual, but it WAS well over 400 watts.)


And, as for speakers, they're telling you in that case that those speakers in that cab wired the way that they are will safely handle 400 watts of power continuously; a 60 watt tube amp will not be very likely to hurt the speakers any!


That kind of handling is usually seen in bass cabs; of course, you're talking about a 4-speaker cab here, right?


If it's intended for electric guitar, great! If it's intended for bass, keyboards, or amplified acoustic guitar (all "full-range", "hi-fi" applications), it will likely sound too bright and harsh for an electric guitar and electric guitar tube-amp.


http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/icons/icon3.gif Oh, wait a minute: you were saying that each individual speaker is rated at 100 watts handling, right? Consider it a 100 watt cab, then, for all practical intents and purposes.

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