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Scott Muni died!


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I've been meaning to post a response to this.


I can still hear his voice, and the voice of Billy West as he would goof on Muni on the Stearn show so long ago.


Muni had a close relationship with John Lennon I think. He really was an institution on NY radio, and that sounds like a cliche but in his case it really is true. He is to NY rock radio-- and I'll allow for that to be for better and to an extent worse-- what Harry Carey (SP? forgive me) was to Chicago baseball, or Chick Hearn to Lakers broadcasts. I got to hear Chick on a trip to LA and he deserves more than all the praise he got, I was really impressed.


Muni saw it all.

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I was on a road trip and listening to Sirius Sat. Radio when the DJ broke in to report the news of Scott Muni's passing on. I had never heard of him but apparently he had quite a following as well as some very famous friends.



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