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Best reverb?

Big Red 67

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Are we talking onboard (in the amp), external spring unit (like a old Fender Reverb unit), digital rackmount or a stompbox reverb?


Personally, I normally don't track guitars with much verb - if at all. If I do, it will be just a touch from the amp's verb, or it will be "real" room verb from a distant mic... other than that, I save it for rack or plug in reverbs in the mix.

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Keep an eye on this one:




Technically it's not a Pre-BS because it's a 1966, but it's the exact same circuit.


I have not dug into the inside of the repros, so I don't know if they use a PCB or not, but it might (repeat - MIGHT) be possible to mod one of those to the original circuit specs. Ask a good tech who is familiar with them...

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The pedal which many say comes closest to the classic Fender tremolo sound is the Swamp Thang from Monster Effects...




Check out the clips on the linked page. Of course there may, as usual, be great difficulty in finding one to try out(!)


I do know of quite a few guys for who tremolo is "the be all and end all" of effects and the Swamp Thang is on all their boards.


PS...It's too darn funny to see Jimi and Yoda kicking back and talkin' trems! :D

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You're more than welcome, Master. ;)


Jimi certainly would have been one to dig the Star Wars story, with his Sci-Fi tendancies being what they were.


It's nice to imagine Jimi reincarnated as a Jedi, serving under Yoda...I think I'll choose to remember him that way.


The dialogue would be crazy stuff! :freak:

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Originally posted by Philip O'Keefe:

I used to have a Boss PN-2 Tremolo / Pan pedal, but I gave it away. If I only had HALF the pedals I either gave away or sold over the years, I'd have quite the collection now. :(

had the original Roger Meyers line, and the Tachobrahe line. Then I went to our sound company and they designed a custom piece for me. The controls were all in a rack and the footpedal control was made from an aluminum extrustion (about like a hollow 2x4) that had the foot switches and LEDs. Very neat. Small snake connected the rack unit to the foot bar. about the same time that Bradshaw was doing his custom work.


I see individual Tachobrahe pedals going for $300....



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