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Brief concert report from Empty Hats on the Giannini performance...


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Finally got a report back from the Ritchie Blackmore (Blackmore's Night) concert in Philadelphia where Carl used the Giannini guitar I repaired opening for Blackmore's Night also with impressions from Ritchie...


"...well to add to the weekend (reference to the prison REC I told him about which is why I had to miss the invite to the concert). the concert was great and we got a standing ovation, which was very gratifying. but the best part was that ritchie blackmore noticed that my guitar had been repaired since we played with him the last time and he loved the way it sounded and really liked the design of the wood on the front.


so, just wanted to pass that on to you. it sounded great at the concert i really like being able to play it again. thanks again for all your hard work..."


Cool or what?! :D Boggs

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