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Diamond Dust, please report to the principles office

Funk Jazz

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Originally posted by funk jazz:



check yer PM's :wave:


if your going to come out, let's trade some music! i'd love to get copies of some of the BL's you've been mentioning ;)

Check your messages bro. I have a new Marley concert from 73' that is too good. I don't know if your into Derek Trucks, but I know you like the blues. He's one hell of a guitar player with a very tight band. I have about 20 Allman Bro's concerts, and a ton of Pink Floyd. Also I have some really great funk/jazz :D by the FAREED HAQUE group, and Garage Mahal. Which I think would be right up your alley. :cool:
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Originally posted by funk jazz:

yeah man, whatever you wanna burn for me.


i can throw a bunch of jazz at ya, i've got a killer scofield bootleg from kingsbury hall (taped it m'self), some medeski martin & wood, you know... whatever floats yer boat ;)

Sounds cool. Hey, I have this very early disk of his you might like. It's called 'Rough House', and it's the most pure bebop lines I've ever heard him play.


Check out these Medeski martin & wood shows. http://sinapse.arc2.ucla.edu/streaming/smegs/wm.sugarmegs/ The one from 6.18.2003 has Sco playing on it. :cool::cool:

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Originally posted by cosmo115:

Don't you mean principals?? ;)

Yeah... remember, the principal is always your pal ! :D


At least, that's how I learned it. ;)

"Treat your wife with honor, respect, and understanding as you live together so that you can pray effectively as husband and wife." 1 Peter 3:7


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Originally posted by FunkJazz:

all tri too spel everthin corektlee frum nowe one. okaye, speler keengs? wood that mak yu hoppay?




{i refuse to edit the thread title. so you spelling nazi's can go pursue other worthwhile hobbies for a while, okay? :wave: }

Awrite, Funky; you best go ovah to the chimmley an' fetch you some charrd wood an' a shovel to do yer sipherin' on; mind yer spellin'!


Grampa sez, spell it any ways Victoria spells it, cain't be rong! :D


Down with spelling 'n' grammar nazis!

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


~ Caevan James-Michael Miller-O'Shite ~

_ ___ _ Leprechaun, Esquire _ ___ _

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