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Help me with the Boss GT-6 EQ Section!


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I have just purchased a Boss GT-6 pedal and I really like all the features. I have previously owned a GT-3 (as well as other multi-effects pedals) and this one really is laiden with features and great sounds. My question is concerning the EQ section (actually there are two including the Sub-EQ).


Who can explain to me all the parameters when you begin scrolling through to engage the EQ? I don't understand all the lingo in there and I get a little frustrated trying to find a good EQ. I know how important EQ is to the overall sound and I feel as though I need a primer on it. Perhaps direction to a Website or even a Book on the Subject.


Thanks Alot!!!

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Off the top of my head -it goes low-middle-high[frequencies]-the low you just pick the frequency you want to boost or cut,the middle and high you pick the frquency you want to boost or cut-the amount of boost or cut-then the "q" of the boost or cut[which is how narrow or wide the cut is].Low "q" numbers indicate a very wide band of frequencies surrounding the one you picked-higher narrows down the surrounding frequecies. Arch
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