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Dr. Z Delta 88 amp update


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Dr. Z Delta 88 amp update


September 8 2004 - Output tests were performed on this amp. The amp had a factory bias set at about 28 milliamps. This was intentional and some folks may think this seems VERY cold. In playing the amp biased at about 30%+ idle dissipation it may be thought that the amp would not develop full output or that it would sound grainy. This turned out NOT to be the case. The amp is very smooth and very playable at all levels. Clean power (but with a lot of full dynamics and not the least sterile) was measured at a bit over 40 watts. Full output with a set of #5 GT-KT88SV output tubes was measured at a bit over 100 watts. With a set of #6's in the amp and biased at maybe 40% ID I would not be surprised if the amp exceeded 120 watts easily. The dissipation chart is here for those interested. Due to the very efficient output transformer design and overall design, biasing the amp at 30% to 40% seemed to yield amazing results. At this bias point the output tubes should last at least a half a decade!


The amp loved any pedal stuck in it's front end.


30% 40% 50% 60% 70%

26 35 43 52 61 milliamps at idle







Myles S. Rose






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