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Emmylou Harris and the Hot Band


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I went with Luxury Liner, Quarter Moon/Ten Cent, and also threw in "Red Dirt Girl" which is newer, and more ambient rock than trad country.


I love "Wrecking Ball". They had a PBS show on making that album with Daniel Lanois and Neil Young. They asked Emmylou if she was still making "country" music, and she said "Well, we're in a country, and were making music?"


"There's only two types of music, the good kind, and the other kind." - Duke Ellington.

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I've been meaning to ask this and here's this thread I can recycle.




So you have Emmylou Harris that does records with Daniel Lanois. And there's Loretta Lynn that's done at least one record with Jack White. And there's, I suppose the Johnny Cash/Whatsisface albums.


Are there anymore of these crossover country/whatever albums out there? Any worth checking out?

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