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~John Mclaughlin fans~


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Thanks, DIAMOND :thu::thu: ! I had actually recorded the Tonight Show performance of "Cherokee" on my old trusty BETA recorder back when it originally aired. I've been meaning to transfer it to DVD, and now you just saved me a step.


Great site. Thanks!



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Originally posted by AlChuck:

stanner, try right-clicking and downloading them to your local drive...

sorry mang... ainta gotta no right-clicking on thisa here cheepass imac!!!

i run into this prob quite often...doan no wot da do...no biggee tho' love the way my mind keeps track of shows in the past that were *very* important in my musical growth...


s :cool:

(just got back from the 'curiosa' festval here in sf. cali and what can i say-it rocked my world...

loved one o' my favorite bands ~MOGWAI~ even tho they only got to play three songs as an opening band :( )

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Originally posted by BriBaby:

As always, your links are the BOMB! Thanks!


Would you happen to have the link to the Jeff Beck video page you posted a few months back?

I'm glad everyone got a kick out the vids. :thu: Sorry Bri, but the beck page seems to be down. Here's the link though. Maybe you'll have better luck with it than me. :)

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