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Hi there, hhill :wave:


As Red said, tell us some more about yourself, and what it is that you want out of a bass.

What music do you like?

Have you ever played, or are you just starting out?

Why Fender specifically? Are there any other brands you would consider?


The more info you can give us, the better able we'll be to make useful suggestions for you.


May all your thoughts be random!

- Neil






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tank's for the reply's.

i'm start find a new bass guitar, last mounth, and i have to basse's in my mind, a fender or a rickenbacker. the style i like is rock music and some funk, something between red hot chilli peppers and rage againt the machine. can you help me guys? thank's :)

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Get a P bass. Even some of the cheap-o copies sound great. That split pickup kills 60 cycle hum, the tone is punchy and full, the necks are easier to play for me than Jazz bass necks.

Always remember that you�re unique. Just like everyone else.




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Well the best advice is to go to the lowdown lowdown, and ask the question there, but include what you are looking for in the bass, how much you want to spend, what you've tried and what you like etc, and those guys will give you so many options that you may not have heard of.


"i must've wrote 30 songs the first weekend i met my true love ... then she died and i got stuck with this b****" - Father of the Pride
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Our bassist just got the Geddy Lee model. It's a Jazz bass model with a slim maple neck with very nice black trapezoidal fret markers and is really nice. He got it for a little over $600 new and it included a case. I used to play bass and I tried it and was really impressed with the sound and feel. It also has the very durable Bad Ass bridge. Check it out.
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