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which keyboard controller?

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i'm looking for a keyboard for my home studio. up until now, i've been using a guitar synth (Yamaha G-10) and a drm mach. I really don't play keys, but would like to have something that a ky board player would feel "comfortable" playing, when over here, and (here's the kicker) i really only want to spend about 500 clams. been looking at the Kurzweil pl 76 i think is the model . whadya think? not that concerned about sounds, i have a couple modules and will add more later. any other suggestions? doesnt have to be new...........
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Check out either the Roland A-33, or if you need aftertouch as well, the new A-37 that was introduced at NAMM... I know the A-33 is right in the $500 range and I imagine the A-37 can't be much more expensive.. Also Fatar makes some decent controllers that don't cost and arm and a leg, although IMHO the Rolands have better programmability..

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