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pick my first tube amp?!?!

Compact Diss

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OK-on a tight budget--any opinions accepted--which one do you feel is the best deal-or which one do you have expereince with that was satisfying--thanks!!!


Pignose G40V

Product Description


The new Pignose G4OV is a technical marvel that puts out a screaming conservatively rated 40 watts RMS through its own specially designed 10 in. speaker.


A truly pro amplifier, this little (14 x 9 x 17 in.) powerhouse features 2 - 6L6s, and 3 - 12AX7 tubes, 4 and 8 ohm output jacks, controls for volume, master volume, treble, mid, bass, and presence.


It's perfect for the bedroom, but really shines when you "open it up." It is capable of powering a 4 x 12 in. cabinet!


Pignose commissioned the world-renouned tube amp engineer and designer Dennis Kager to perfect this little monster, and it has been Field tested in clubs for 6 months to great acclaim.


The G40V is built like the time tested tube amps of the 60's, but in a tiny package, like a stealth amp. They'll laugh when you walk in with it, but they'll become true believers when they hear it crank. Best of all, it has the classic Pignose look and solid reputation


The Pignose G4OV is compact, pro quality, powerful, and affordable. The ultimate combination!




Fender Fat Series Blues Junior(Bluestrat you've been pushing this one)

Product Description


From recording sudios to concert stages the world over; you'll find F.A.T. series amps right at the heart of the action. Five rock solid performers that feature the versatility only a masterfully engineered tube amp can deliver. Their unique blend of vintage and modern tones, combined with Fender's classic narrow panel styling, has made our F.A.T. Amp... instant classics.


This big brother of the Pro Junior takes Fender's 15-watt tube platform and pushes it through a 12 in. Fender Special Design speaker; add a comprehensive tone stack and footswitchable "Fat" switch for even more performance options.



All tube circuitry


Fat switch


Spring reverb


Footswitch jack for fat on/off


Technical Description


15 watts


12 in. speaker.



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The Blues Junior was a good sounding amp. I like the master volume setup on that amp because I can get a decent tone out of it at very low levels. It gets a good blues or classic rock tone.


I haven't tried the Pig-nose.


I'd take an Ampeg Jet II over either one. It's non-master volume, but it's got tremolo and uses 6V6 tubes instead of the more common (and more raspy) EL-84 tubes. The Fender Pro Jr. would be closest to the Jet, but doesn't have the tremolo (or the 6V6's; it uses the EL-84's). It's also fixed biased where the Jet is cathode biased, which gives it a different tone.


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Hit some o' dem Boston guitar stores and try as many out as you can! That's really the best way. Don't be afraid to check out some used ones, too; best buys lay there.

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