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Eclecticism in Extremism


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From the famous autograph thread:


Originally posted by bpark@prorec.com:

"Gotta love the lineupfor that show "


That actually is oneof the things that irritates me today. I could turn on the radio and hear Santana, with Judy Collins, Bowie, The Turtles, Hendrix, Miles Davis, and Cream all on the same radio station in the same hour. You might find a concert with Otis Redding, the Blues Project, and the Jefferson Airplane, with Paul Krasner opening.


Now, radio and concerts are more and more segmented, and we don't listen to music anymore, we listen to "goth", "rap", etc etc....


Now I know why the radio is that way (because the owners have broken the stations up into convenient advertising/marketing focus groups so that they can target audiences for advertisers, in case you didn't know.) and I know why concerts have become this way, but why do WE put up with it?


I like to listen to good MUSIC. Period. I hate the isolationist system that we have allowed to be built around us.



I was thinking about this last night. I alphabetize my records and CD's (yeah, I know OCD, but when there's over 1000, you need a system) and I noticed Chick Corea sits right next to Corrosion of Conformity.


You know how if you buy something on Amazon, their computer kicks up a little list of "other people who bought this, also bought ...." I like to think that when I order my typical crazy mix of stuff, the next guy who buys a Larry Carlton album gets a little tip that "other people who bought this also bought Corrosion of Conformity and Solas"


I also refuse to buy books or music at places like Target or Wal-Mart. Did you know labels offer sanitized versions of otherwise "explicit" releases in order to satisfy the Wal-Mart brain police?


:thu: bpark!

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.. (yeah, I know OCD, but ..
No, OCPD, Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder, which is not quite as severe as OCD.


Go ahead, ask me why I know. Did I ever show you my (hand-drawn, before CAD) four revisions of our vegetable garden? :freak:

Gotta' geetar... got the amp. There must be SOMEthing else I... "need".
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