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DigiTech GNX4 or GNX3?

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I'm considering buying one of the two for gigging, recording, and playing around with. Is the GNX4 a significant improvement over the 3? What features does it have that the 3 doesn't? I know that the GNX3 is around 350-400, but have no clue as to the price of the 4. Anyone know anything about these "guitar workstations"? Any alternatives that have the ability to save to SmartMedia, record, and model amps well?


(I'm sorry that I've only been popping in to ask questions, but, let's face it, I don't have too much to offer other than my unshakeable will to learn.)



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I have a GNX3. The GNX4 costs about $550 to $600, so it's about $200 more then the GNX3. There are no differences in the modeling: both models contain the same amp, cabinet, and stompbox models. The big difference is the GNX4 has more connection options and saves the data in the recorder to Compact Flash (up to 2 Gig) instead of the SmartMedia card used by the GNX3 (up to 128 meg). When recording at CD quality, a 128 meg SmartMedia card can only hold 25 minutes total of track time (a little over 3 mintues each track if you use all 8 tracks). The GNX4 does not have any internal memory. So, if you plan on using the onboard recorder, you'll have to buy some compact flash.


Another difference is the GNX4 uses USB to connect to your computer. Audio data can be sent to the computer (and recorded there with the included Pro Tracks software). You can also use the USB for controlling the GNX4 (editing patches, etc) from the computer. The GNX3 uses MIDI for the patch editing stuff.


One other difference is the GNX4 has a real drum machine (but you need to program it using external software and then load the "song" onto the GNX4), where the GNX3 only has some simple loops that you can't edit.


I went with this logic: There's no way I'm going to put 2 gig of stuff on compact flash. The built-in recorder is great. But, it doesn't come close to PC based DAWS in regards to functionality. The built-in recorder is for recording moments of insipration and working some ideas out. If you want to do any serious recording (including editing), you'll need to move over to the PC. I have a drum machine, so the GNX4's drums didn't matter. The amp modeling is excellent (second to none IMHO). If you're just working ideas out by yourself (like me), then you can probably get by with just a GNX3.


Take a look at Digitech's sound community ( Digitech\'s site ), this type of question comes up a lot.



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I would say Jim has given you a lot of accurate information.


The GNX4 street is $599. A few other features that weren't mentioned are an MP3 decoder on board. Pretty cool, eventually we'll have an area on the web were you can grab backing tracks.


Having had both units the GNX4 is the way to go (I play my GNX4 everynight). It might seem like $200 more is a lot but when you look at what you get extra it's a bargain. The Lexicon Pantheon reverb plug that comes bundled with it alone is almost worth that. Calkwalk Pro Tracks + is the bundled recording software (32 stereo tracks).


You could get a 64mb card and get about 12 track minutes (maybe $50 at Best Buy). Plenty of time to work out ideas, create loops. Like Jim said, you'd probably use the on board 8 track for looping or working out parts. Whats cool is that once you work out your parts you can transfer everything to the software. It drops right into individual tracks. Providing that's how you recorded it. If you layered a track that's how it will transfer.


The drum machine comes with a bunch of pre set rythyms and different kits. You can also program your own either through a midi device or step time recording.


The other cool thing about the unit is when you use it with the software you can set it up to where you'll never have to touch the computer. You can arm the tracks, delete, re record all with your feet using the footswitchs. Once you get the hang of it you'll be amazed at how fast you can lay down tracks. Which is the whole idea isn't it? not to get booged down in technology when trying to flesh out an idea.




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overheard street personality on Venice Beach "Man, that Bullshit is Bulllshhittt...."
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