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Pickup mount into body wood


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Hi -


can you tell me how you mount your pickups into the body?


I've seen the pictures at the Warmoth site but,


How is it for pickup height adjustments, I mean , are you screwing in and out of the body wood every time you raise or lower the pickup?


forgive me for some reason this escapes me--


but, you're putting something in the body first, like a pair of threaded sheaths of some kind? Then the screws go in and out of those- So that the screws don't dig in & out of the wood every time you adjust height?



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from Kinman pickups:


"46) How do I mount your pickups direct to the wood without a pickguard.


Wood direct mounting. For mounting with out a pickguard direct to the wood it is imperative that no foam (or very little) is packed under the pickup as spring material. The correct method is to use the springs provided (or Silicon rubber tube springs that can be ordered with the pickups in North America) are placed over the screw between the wood and the pickup. Excess pressure resulting from using foam packing under the pickup will lead to mechanical de-formation (bending) and eventual failure of the pickup. A little bit of low density foam to help align the pickup to sit properly is OK."


so my understanding is to use a little foam, and the tension springs, then mount straight into the wood with a self tapping screw. hopefully you don't need to adjust them too many times. i'd use the manufacturer's recommended height and just make little tweaks from there.

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