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Dave da Dude

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Hey dougsthang' :wave:


Did I get your attention?


I like the idea of DigiTech's "Learn-A-Lick" feature, but don't want to pay the "full (new) freight".


Every GNX-3 or 4 I see on ebay goes for around $300. I'm looking to spend $100-$150 (or less :D ). One guy I asked about a diffent model (GNX-2 I think) said that only the GNX-3/4, RP200/300 and RP6 or greater had this feature. Is that right? I've just seen a RP-12 and the seller said that he didn't know if it had the feature, and DigiTechs "discontinued models" download of the RP-12 didn't show it either.


I've got the amps I want, but can't use them all the time (very seldom actually :cry: ) and I'd like to practice all the new R & R I'm wantin' to try out (I got a book with 39 awesome riffs :D ).


Any other devices out there that can do this? I'm really diggin' the idea of sittin' out in the car plugged into a little box with headphones comin' out and bringin' rawkin' tones to my ears.




PS There's an ebay auction that ends in only 15 hours and 24 minutes, make that 23 minutes and its ONLY $51 right now. I need help :rolleyes:

Gotta' geetar... got the amp. There must be SOMEthing else I... "need".
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