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Hey Dave251

Funk Jazz

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i got a chance to play one of the gitane dg-255's (slotted headstock, vintage orange finish) this weekend. i was really impressed by the guitar.


we had one of our irregular gypsy jams and one of my friends showed up with one. so we passed it around along with the anastasio, a dell arte anouman, a dell arte sweet chorus, and a shelley park 12 fret d hole. the gitane held it's own, and although not as complex as the others it has a solid gypsy tone.


i'm seriously considering one for a gigging axe, the anastasio is a little too vintage and somewhat fragile for playing out.


anyway, they've really made some massive improvements since the last d-hole i had. :thu:

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Thanks for the endorsement of the Gitane...I've been getting pretty much the same from a bunch of experienced players. In fact, I just sold a seven string electroCoustic to a guy who's from eastern europe...he grew up playing gypsy music and has FOUR gypsy style guitars....Dupont, Dell Arte, Fylde, and an old CSL...he recommended them also, although he did say to wait for this one...


So, perhaps if I can sell another eC or two(I have two in stock, and a wide neck six and a seven in process that aren't sold)...I'll be able to afford one...I've certainly got the itch for it.....


I've found a bunch of information at: www.gypsyjazzguitar.com ...they also have a discussion group on Yahoo...

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LOL @ Billster


Dave: i used to follow that yahoo group pretty closely, but there is only so many discussions about picks and strings that i can handle. that group is all about the splitting hairs over the most minute details. they do occasionally get together and bargain for gear as a group to decent success.


www.hotclub.co.uk/ is a really good site as well.

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