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How many freebies when you buy a guitar?


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When I buy something, I do try to "negotiate." The last purchase, the "cheap" Takamine, $269, I got a nylon guitar strap, a guitar cord, a set of strings and several picks. Cheap strap, cheap cord, cheap strings, cheap picks.


I was thinking, heck, why didn't I ask for a case? I don't know what I was thinking. I do have an extra gig bag. It would have been a cheap case, but it would've been worth more than the crap he gave me.


I was just wondering if on a cheap guitar purchase, you could expect a case.


When I bought a Taylor, all I got was a free leather strap and some strings. The price was pretty good though.

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A school I used to teach at was on the second floor, the first floor was an enormous music store. I used to spend a lot of time during my breaks in the music store. One thing I can tell you is, very expensive guitars will almost always get a free case, cheap guitars will almost never get a free case (Usually just the pick, string, strap deal) and mid priced guitars are always a toss up...Usually, you won't get a free case but if you are a good customer and you play your cards right...
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