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'Alternative' covers


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Did a search on Napster for Comfortably Numb to see what covers were on there for it. Ignored the scissor sisters woeful attempt, found a pleasant little pianoey, soulful version from a tribute album. And also found a country & western version, real barn-dance style. At first I just thought they should be shot for it, but it's tongue in-cheek and quite amusing (esp. the scream in the 2nd verse which is a cow mooing :D ). Searched a little further and found they'd done the ENTIRE The Wall album?!?! Haven't listened to it yet but may have to.


Anyway, what other good covers are out there like this. There's always Wierd Al (personaly faves are WonderBra & What If God Smoked Cannabis) but the Comfortably Numb one sticks out as the lyrics and tune are the same as the original, it's just the style that has been changed and it kinda works if you put yourself in the right frame of mind....

Fa Fa FA Fa fa fa fa fa FA fa FA FA
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You could always listen to my Black Dog Swing from the covers thread. :D


A few weeks ago we were talking about Hayseed Dixie, and the hillbilly versions of AC/DC songs.


Bill Frisell did Madonna's "Live to Tell" on one of his albums (Have a Little Faith) which also has some Dylan, Sousa, Copland, Ives, and Muddy Waters. :freak:


Frank Zappa live album, "The Best Band You Never Heard in Your Life" has a number of Zappafied covers, including an insane Stairway to Heaven with a six piece horn section doing the guitar solo to the note.


And there was group called the Ordinaires, that did string quartet "Kashmir"


I'm sure I'll think of others if given time.

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There are some punk covers out there..."Leaving on a Jet Plane" and "Wannabe"(yes, Spice Girls) come to mind.


Pat Boone did an all metal album with an AWESOME version of Judas Priest's "You got another thing comin'" and Ozzy's "Crazy Train".


There's also a ska version of "Brown Eyed Girl" that I love.


Johnny Cash doing "Hurt"


And as far as Pink Floyd, I like the version of "Run like Hell" done by the all girl doom metal band Kitty. It's completely ridiculous but over the top. Oh! and Paul Carrack singing "Hey You" on the Roger Waters wall tour thing in Berlin.


Keb Mo does a great version of "Love Train" in this children's CD.


And finally, there is a Schoolhouse Rock CD that is great...Lemonheads doing "Zero", Moby doing "Verb", Blind Lemon doing "Three is a Magic Number", etc.

"For instance" is not proof.


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Alison Kraus did a brilliant cover of the Foundations' "Baby, Now That I've Found You". She took a small gem of pure '60s upbeat pop and turned it into a heartfelt bluegrass ballad.


I really like Charlie Hunter's album "Natty Dread", his cover of Bob Marley's album. It's full of very clever arrangements and simply sick guitar playing (on an 8 string Novax).



I saw Zappa with horns playing that version of "Stairway". As you would imagine, it kicked much ass.

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