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Fretless guitar

Big Red 67

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Thanks for the tip but as mentioned in the other thread, I looked into several sources but decided that experimenting with a less expensive, home-modified acoustic would be preferrable til (if ever) I develop the skill at chordal intonation.
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Haven't selected a "victim" for fret-removal yet but it seems to me that the only trick will be re-training my fingers to find the accurate intonation points for chords.

As a long time slide player, I'm competent with single notes but we all play chords with our fingers in various positions re: the frets.

If something else comes up, I'll be sure to share.

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Wow, I have been away, & there is still a FretLess Guitar Post.


1-st you can make your own with

excellent results. I would get an inexpensive guitar you like, a soldering gun, pliers, a sanding block, 2 or 3 grades of sandpaper & epoxy. If you don't believe me please check out this Link to my "UnFret My Heart" Audio samples on a cheap Fender/Squier TeleCaster that

I UnFretted with the example above.


Also, try these UnFretted audio samples of FUZE, BUMBLEFOOT & Evett +



As for massed produced FretLess Guitars try these Links below.

Vigier Excaliber Surfretter


Glissentar - 11 string fretless nylon


REVIEWS of 2 Fretless Guitars


Fernandes Fretless Guitars


Modern Guitar site with FretLess Guitar FORUM


The definitive Fretless Guitar Resource

http://www.unfretted.com with FORUM

More Ideas



FretLess Guitar is a feeling

like no other; please come & join the next true

evolution in our beloved instrument of choice!



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I heard a demo once of someone playing a Godin "Glissantar"...a fretless guitar based on the Lebanese oud. Really cool sound! One of these days I'd like to add one to my collection. Of course, then I'd have to learn to play it... :eek:
"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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