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Tubescreamer before amp, or in effects section?


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What's the amp? It may sound similar in a solid state, but personally I'd always put it before the amp, otherwise I'd imagine the dynamics could be lost.


Your effects loop is great for time based effects, like delay/reverb or even some modulation effects too.



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Hey, if it works in the loop and that simplifies your setup, use it in the loop. Pedals often suck the spank right out passive pickups if they go between your guitar and amp. I think that's why Zakk Wylde uses active EMGs in his Les Pauls, and I am pretty sure it's why Gilmour uses them in his Strats. Most of the time, distort-o boxes simply won't work correctly in the loop, the boxes simply don't like the level of the signal the loop puts out. But if yours does and you like the sound of it, put it there and grin all the way to your next gig.

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Whatever works, works.


Usually, that type of pedal works best in front of an old-school non master-volume tube-amp.

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Actually...Guitarzan asked if you could mail it to him, care of ME.


Nothing but love for that little old box!

Ahhh...good times, good times...


Anyway, I tend to only use the loop for spatial effects, but I don't see why you couldn't do it.


Personally, I used mine up front to boost the amp generated OD sound.

You know...Clean to 'Warm'...Crunch to 'Set phasers to stun'...

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Wow this is an old string, BEFORE. Tubescreamers are meant to be righ after the guitar, It was just an unwritten law. The OLD tubescreamers were good by there lonsomes with a tube amp, But the new ones...Im not really too big on. They have three versions, The remakes, The redos, And the turbos. The remakes are OK...But arnt the real thing. They cant repo those chips that used to make the tubescreamer INDEED a tubescreamer. The redos have a different chip interilly...You loose that glorious messy warm sound and trade in for a tighter lesser good sound. And the Turbos in my mind is a modeler...It have four knobs, Your standerd tone volume and gain, And then a forth to select a sort of function. I hate these...They sound good but dont DESERVE the name " Tubescreamer. "
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