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VCA's and live consoles

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If the console is designed in the way that I think it is, then the idea is to control the levels of several channels WITHOUT passing them through a summing amp first. This offers the possibility of having a cleaner signal, although some might argue that the VCAs themselves are mucking up the sound anyway. Got your grain of salt ready? Good. Take it as you read this, because I have no idea what all the different manufacturers really have in mind when they plan the functionality of their consoles. All I can do is guess. -Danny ------------------ Less is not more. More is more.

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The ability to use VCA's AND subgroups allows control over many inputs from the VCA groups, while sub-ing to different mixes. The novice mind-set is that subgroups, used in a live context, will eventually be mixed to the stereo buss. Not necessarily true. Sub groups may be feeding different speaker stacks. (ie. mains and delays) You can use VCA groups to bring down certain instruments from all the mixes at once. There are other benefits as well. VCA's can be automated for snapshot recall of settings when several groups are sharing inputs. You set your levels at soundcheck, save, and when that group gets up, recall the previous settings. The Grand Ole' Opry, as of 1996, had been using a Neve, flying faders board for the broadcast mix. They always had the same mics, drums and amps, and frequently have the same acts from week to week, year to year. With little adjustment, they could recall a basic setup in an instant, stored in a computer, for most groups. Pretty slick for quick changes necessary during a live radio/TV broadcast with as many as 20 acts in a few hours time. ------------------ Neil [b]Reality[/b]: [i]A few moments of lucidity surrounded by insanity.[/i]

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