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Best deal on gear?

Blue Strat

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What's the best deal you ever got on a piece of guitar gear? Amps, pedals, and guitars in particular is what I'm thinking. I've gotten several great deals when I wasn't looking for them...


When I worked in a machine shop, the new guy at work told me that he had a couple of old guitar amps he wanted to sell. I figured that they'd be little 15W solid state jobs, the kind that are always floating around in pawn shops. He brought in a '61 Fender Princeton and a Silvertone 1482. I got them both for $100 :) $100 worth in tubes and repair later (the Fender had some loose connections, easily taken care of at Reliable Music in Charlotte. RIP Reliable. :cry: ) They both sound great!! I've still got the Fender, and I got $125 out of the Silvertone when I sold it. :D


Let's hear your tales of conquest....


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my best deal ever was my yamaha pacifica 721.

according to my shop manual(aquired from yamaha rep)

ash body

hum single hum (alnico pickups)

double locking (yammy trs ) trem

very thin wide neck, jumbo frets, rosewood board

super access to all frets due to deep bolted neck (aircraft grade aluminum tounge on neck)

one solid mutha

for the price of 110 dollars on ebay.

sell it? not likely. :wave:

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As lots of you know I scored a great deal on a Ventura V-6 acoustic guitar a month or so ago and just recently picked up a Focus 2000 Kramer, Crate GX-15 amp, Gibson brown hardshell case and a nice leather strap for $40.00 US. It's all in good to great shape, the guitar plays well with old strings, the case cleaned up well and the amp is in like new conditon.

Another great deal I got was the trade I made to get my banjo. I swapped an old Radio Shack stereo mixer and a four channel Radio Shack mic/instrument mixer for the banjo.


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