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"Old" Jeff Lorber Group was like seeing Mahavishnu

Jazz Guitar

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About the same level of complexity, just very very funky. Why Lorber even made Kenny Cheeze sound good while in his band. Lorber often had folks like Freddie Hubbard, Chick Corea and the late Joe Farrell on his recordings.


I once saw Lorber in NYC, somewhere mid-town, amoungst about 10 keyboards, wearing both a guitar and keyboard around his neck and occasionally singing. Insane. Keith Emerson, eat your heart out.


I miss the old Jeff Lorber.


Then there was this other guy named David Sancious and Tone. More insanity.

Have you recorded an MP3 today?
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David Sancious was great. Before Tone he played with Springsteen briefly. He was on Stanley Clarke's great School Days alnum, and on Narada Michael Walden's debut, trading synth licks with Jeff Beck... then he seemed to vanish for a while, only to resurface playing keys for Sting on Ten Summoner's Tales.


Never did really get into Jeff Lorber.

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