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It a Kramer worth it?

Dak Lander

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My son's drummer told me tonight he has an old Kramer with with hardshell case he wants to dump. He was talking about taking it to a pawn shop. When we told him he'd be luck to get $20.oo for it he said he'd be happy to get $40.00.

Now, sight unseen, is a Kramer worth it? Hell, I know a decent hardshell case is worth more than that but figuring the guitar is not in good shape and needs lots of work, is it worth it?

I'm thinking yes, unless the damned thing has a pointy headstock.

If it does I'll probably buy it anyway and sell it on eBay & make a buck or two.


What 'cha think?


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Go for it, you might be suprised. :) I'd say it's almost certainly worth $40. I payed that, plus shipping for my Rogue ST-3, had to fix a neck relief problem, file the dents out of the frets, etc. You don't have to pay shipping, so it's a bargain. :D


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