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FAST!!!! Saw a MINT Japanese Strat for $299

Mike Gug

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In a pawn shop I saw, and I hope it's still there, a Lake Placid Blue Jap Start for $299! I had flat pole pieces. The serial numbers started with an "E".


Is this real or just the ncek? How do I check authenticity without lokking too interested. (I'd love to talk him down.)


This is BEAUTIFUL! Mint! Should I buy it and take the wrath of my wife? (That's more of a question for me, but this seems kinda under-priced(?)?




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I have a black one that is a really nice guitar. Check the neck joint to see if it's nice and snug, and look at the screws on the neck plate to see if they have been removed before. I would buy it for sure.The price sounds good. I bought a Les Paul jr for 400$ from a pawn shop once. So you never know. Now an angry wife is a whole different ball game. :D Good luck man!!!
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Originally posted by Mike Gug:

At the VERY least, I could sell it for more than I bought it for...


What about the flat pole pieces? Anyone?

About 4 years ago, Sam Ash Music had taken delivery of a large special shipment of Japanese Fenders, all with fancy flame maple tops. Those strats were selling new for $350. I bought a J-Bass with case for $400.


Check around on gbase.com and others for prices of new ones.

Have you recorded an MP3 today?
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