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well actually, i'm a level designer. Played music since i'm a little child. i like about every single type of music exept for techno/dance i live in quebec the coldest place in north america and i'm damn tired of it .... but ooh well i'll do with it !!
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Blue, I was thinking the same thing! Maybe it's a hard winter up there. Maybe after the spring thaw, they'll ventrure out of the igloos and eat some of the berries off the bushes! :D


Just messin' with ya! Welcome! If you've got computers, you've got delivery pizza. No berry foraging required! :thu:




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Originally posted by Dervaj:

Hey how are ya?


Im new here also. When I could spend more time reading everything...got that working 2 jobs thing goin on.



Hi to you and TaNiS. :)


Cool, you have a vintage BB300 bass. I like mine, too (metallic red), though my RBX 765A is taking up more playing time in the bass dept. My main (and only) guitar is an Ibanez RG560.


Take care,


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