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Oy? Oi? Oi vey?

Dave da Dude

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Originally posted by Dave th Dude:

Like the "Oy" in the beginning of "TNT" by AC/DC.


How is it spelled?


What does it mean?


Dave the Dumbfounded

:D When my daughter was about 2, I used to have that cd in my car all the time. She thought they were saing; PIE PIE PIE. So whenever we went for a drive she would ask to hear the pie song. :thu:
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I'm not sure that it's a specific Australian chant, although phonetically it sounds that way. I spent my youth in England, and I heard many cries of "Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy, Oi, Oi, Oi!" during my childhood!


Usually as a rally cry in the school playground to start a game of something or other, or even occasionally at soccer matches. Another guess is that it's a cricket chant, originating from the "Ashes" series between England and Australia.


I've no idea where they got it from but I doubt it's related to Mr. Osbourne, regardless of how I spelled it!

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