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peavey 5150 combo


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This is something you should post on the "Feel free to ask Myles" thread. I can guess he will suggest putting in a 12AY7 or 12AU7, as that is what he recommended to me to do the same thing with my Fender Pro Tube Twin. But I could not tell you specifics since I am not familiar with that amplifier.



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Originally posted by Philip O'Keefe:

Yup, putting in a lower gain factor preamp tube will mellow things out. But IMO, the 5150's are not all that great as a clean amp... but they do have a very cool OD / distorted sound to them.

Kinda like putting a governer on your Corvette? ;);););):D


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The 5150 is a copy of the Mesa Dual Rectifier (which is in turn a copy of a Soldano SLO-100). The 2nd (or 3rd?) stage has a much lower voltage across the tube, which causes that stage to clip quicker (distort sooner) than the other stages. You can't do much unless you crank the master volume and use the gain knob as your volume. That's not going to work all that great because it would have to be kept very low and will be touchy.


I'd put 12AY7's or 12AU7's in place of the first tube in the signal chain to lower the gain at that point, and then figure out which tube is the phase inverter (I'd guess it's the one closest to the power tubes, but you never know) and replace it with a 12AU7 or 12AY7 also.


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Also- play around with different levels on the guitar's volume control, pickup combinations, tone controls, picking-hand touch and dynamics; learn to love that soulful responsive not-quite-clean but not-really-too-distorted sound, and pull expressiveness outta the touch-sensitive clean-to-dirty range with your guitar's volume turned down some.

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