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Surprised there has been so little mention...


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...of the Smartwood Les Pauls here. I just did a search and I only turned up two oblique references. That's it.


But I'm not so much looking for opinions on them (having formed my own) as I am loking for suggestions on where to find them. Mind you, I'm not looking for the current produciton Smartwood Studios, but rather the Smartwood Standard of the late 90s. I've struck out on eBay. What other online places would you think to look?

For sale: 1992 or 1993 Carvin LB20F fretless 4-string with lines. Black with black hardware. Good player, fair amount of wear. $250 shipped.
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I can't think of any particular online sources, but check out Vintage Guitar Monthly. It is crammed both with dealer and private ads selling used, new, and NOS equipment, and I have seen the occasional Smartwood Standard LP's (nice guitars!) up for sale.
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Hmmmnn, there's a store not far from where I live that always used to have those; String and Things (or, maybe String 'n Things?). Plus I know a few other places that would probably have a high turn-over of various used Les pauls. I'll try to look around on-line for the next few days, and see if I can find any new or used ones. If I do, I'll post back here for ya, alright? Alright!

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