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Need some ears.....


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Okay, I've been through TWO prototype amps....I really liked the sound of the first one, but I just can't bring myself to build an amp that will cost in excess of $3500 going out the door....the second one would have gone out the door at less than $1K....and I could live with that, and actually build the thing myself....both of these were SE amps, the first based on the Western Electric 300B, the second was built around a 6550...not as strong as the 300B, and quite frankly, it doesn't sound as good.


So I'm getting pretty frustrated...I've been at this for TWO YEARS and haven't gained much ground.


Last year I purchased a Fender Pro Jr....I like the basic tone of the amp, although it is a bit noisy...I even built a larger cab around it so I could try different 12" speakers with it.


But the other night, I plugged it into a 3 way stereo cab I built over 20 years ago...man, was I surprised with the results...


So I'm having to rethink my whole approach, and maybe go with something similar to the Pro Jr, with some added steroids...maybe EL34's instead of EL84's....something that I can get a clean 40 watts out of.


Anyway, if you've read this far, perhaps you can give a listen to this recording....my old home brew stereo cab and the Pro. Jr(running a 12AT7 as the phase splitter)...


Willie\'s tune


I've got the rhythm tracks set up panned hard left and hard right so you can listen to each. Same guitar both tracks.


Let me know if I'm on the right track....and forgive my ham handed playing...

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I'll tell ya Dave, to these old ears that rig matches up to the guitar pretty sweetly. I'm thinking I like the tone better than anything else you've posted though maybe a tad bit more electric.


Now you've got me thinking I just might have to run a three way into my Hot Rod deVille & see how that sounds with an acoustic.


Our Joint


"When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it." The Duke...

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You know, I think that sounds great. Good tone and sustain, if that's reverb on there it is also great sounding. You are definitely on the right track! :thu:
"I look for whatever will cut the deepest... whammy bars and wah wah pedals can't be used as just gimmicks. They have to reflect and express your feelings." - Jeff Beck
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