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Gibson $$ ?


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A friend of mine has two Gibson acoustics that she wants to sell, but has no idea what they might be worth (she sort of inherited them).

I don't seem to be able to find these models anywhere but the Gibson (Montana) site, and they don't list a price.


1) CL-50 Supreme

2) EC-10 Standard


They seem to be pretty nice guitars (especially the CL-50), but I honestly don't have a clue as to what to tell her.


Anyone here have any ideas, or know a web site that might list them?


Thanks folks!

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- Neil






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Originally posted by guitar geezer:

and this guy says $3999 list for the CL-50 Supreme CL-50

it appears to be a top of line Custom Shop??


They probably late 90's


Hope this helps



Here\'s a URL for you, regarding the CL-50. It's from the Gibson website. Searched for CL-50. from the date in the URL address, it appears to have been a 1998 Custom Shop model.

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Oh, man, I'd love to check either of those out! I love Gibson acoustics, especially their flat-tops, and have found some of their newer "Montana" guitars to be among the best acoustics I've had the privilege to play!


Put some .013"-gauge DR "Sunbeam" strings- or .014" through .059" Martin Marquis- on there after a good cleaning and fretboard oiling and set-up, and go to town!

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