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Are U An Amplitube User ?


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I am impressed with the quality of the presets and the diversity of Sounds they encompass .

I did purchase the preset pack from them, just after I bought my Amplitube VST. I find them better quality than the originals that come with the VSTi.

BTW, I wasn't trying to flog a product, I have no interest in the company at all, just thought I'd help out my fellow guitarist's with some Info. :-)



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I had initially overlooked Amplitube because it's boxed presets were awful. Once I actually dedicated time to playing with the plug-in, I loved it. I bought these presets on eBay and have to say they are decent, although I imagine the are more for the player who wants to sound "just like" X player. The sounds can serve a good starting point for finding your own tone. Of the 250+ presets, I'll probably only ever use 5-6. But for $5, who cares?

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