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TC Powercore 1.5 supports VSTi. Yipiiii!

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In addition to opening up the card for the VST 2.0 standard where it is possible to run VST instruments on the card they also include a Roland SH-101 clone as well as a all purpose compressor and the Voice Strip previously only available to ProTools. Lets get on the horn to all VSTi makers and have them support this card. My Mac G4/400 is already breaking under the VSTi strain. Cheers, Mats Nermark
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So are you an happy TC powercore user yet? I'm just getting into real mixing (so far we used our studio just to write and record - while doing the mixing in a pro - PT studio) I got a new G4 867 , and moved to Logic (LAP). I don't feel the strain on my G4 yet, but the idea of this excellent reverb (best reverb plugin?) and the quality compressors , eq's does make me want it alot. So anyone using it - and loving it? I did consider outbaords, but since I'm all digital (yamaha O3D) I don't want more D/A in my single path. All comments are wellcome :D Danny

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