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new years eve plans

Funk Jazz

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Playing at Sharpies in Shreveport. There are several clubs and restaurants in the area so the crowd hops from one place to the other until they decide which band they like best.

Sharpies has a giant screen TV on the opposite wall from the band, so we can watch ourselves play.. Kind of cool.

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For me... Resting my aching head ! Slipped on the ice yesterday and did a face plant on my opened car door. 4 stitches later and a hell of a headache, I'm bunkered down watching TV.


Happy New Year To All

If Life Is The Art of Creation , Then The Creation Of Art Lies Within Us..

Let Us Proceed ...

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Went to the Hyatt for a party overnight thing. Great band. A '67 strat modified to hell, but sounded good. AND the guy had a '66 335 all original. That sounded REAL good. Of course, much of the sound came from the Flextone II.


Dave th Dude will be glad to hear that. :thu:


Couple of hot chick singing and a kick ass bass player too. Good night! Keys were good as well.




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