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Best Guitar Amp for Recording?


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I have a Pod which I hate and wanted to buy

a amp for recording only.

I am looking for a guitar amp that can achieve

a lot of different tones because I am a composer

for TV so I have to cover a lot of styles.

I am thinking of getting a separate head/cab

so that I can keep the head in the control room

for easy tweaks.

Can you guys recommend some amps I should chec out

that would not have huge gain and that records well!

thanks for the help,

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Small tube amps rock, of course. But I made a double enclosure that works really well for smallish combo's. Basically two doghouses insulated with all the connections wired up. Heat buildup is an issue, but hasn't been a factor as I open them up between takes. Should be fun to transport that thing when I move.
Down like a dollar comin up against a yen, doin pretty good for the shape I'm in
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welcome, dude!

... not that im good enough for recording, but the tech21 trademark 10 sounds awesome and has an XLR direct out. i almost bought the bigger TM60, basically the same thing, but i got an awesome deal on a hot rod deluxe. Anyway it gets pretty close to a boogie and a fender and a marshall. blues juniors smoke too but they're probably not versitile enough for you. and oh yeah, who says you need an amp? BRMC goes into an FX pedal and then right into the board, their guitar tracks sounded pretty damn good.

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