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Carvin guitar: specific question


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Lots of their accessories are foreign made, including mics.


I believe the Cobalt series of Acoustics are subbed out too. Boggs will probably weigh in here the right skinny on those but I do think that I'm right there. The electrics, from what I've been able to determine, are all made here in the USA and I believe the amps and mixers are too.


Regardless of where their stuff is made, it's good stuff IMHO. I use quite a bit of Carvin equipment.


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The Cobalt acoustics are built in Korea (not by Samick) to Carvin's specs and the fret dressing, nut and saddle installation and all setups are done by hand in the States at the San Diego factory. The electric and AC series guitars and basses are all made at the San Diego factory. They are wired in the states. I am sure that some of the individual electronic components such as caps and possibly pots and such may be made overseas (Isn't everything?) but the chassis and amps and all are made in the States, I'm pretty sure. If you call them up and ask them about a specific piece of gear, they will be honest about telling you if it is of a concern. Boggs
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