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Jackson RR3, new pickups question...


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I'm looking to put new pickups into my Jackson RR3. Anyone have any good ones they recommend?


I've been playing guitar for 10 years, but I'm not too familiar w/ the hardware side so forgive me if my questions sound amateur..


Is it okay to get 2 of the same pickups or is that a 'no-no'? (the ones on it now aren't the same model, both humbuckers though) I was looking at the Seymour Duncan Dimebucker... seems good for my type of sound...


any suggestions??


any help you have is appreciated....



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I checked out that site (pretty neat), but it raised a few other questions...


1) What does 'high-output' mean?


2) What would raising the pickup height do?


3) Does anyone know of any good web site that lays out hardware and altering it nicely for us uneducated thrill seekers?


thanks for the help guys!!



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1) "High output" means the pickup puts out a very strong signal. This is good for overdriving tube amps and in any situation where a lot of distortion is wanted. The Dimebucker has a high output wheras a PAF humbucker has a medium output.


2) Raising the pickup closer to the strings will further increase the volume. It can also result in a muddier sound with less definition. If the neck pickup is raised too high, it can affect the string's vibration and reduce sustain as well as causing intonation problems (this is a common problem on Stratocaster-type guitars).


3) I would spend some time on Google. Also look at "The Guitar Handbook" by Ralph Denyer. Comprehensive and well-written.


I second Guitarzan's opinion that you should put a more subtle pickup in the neck position. That will allow your guitar to do more than just shred.

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