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Fender Vintage Noiseless Pickups


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I'm thinking of putting some Fender Vintage Noiseless pickups in the neck and middle position and a Seymour Duncan '59 in the bridge poistion. Does anyone have any idea if this would be well balanced? In other words would would the '59 be way louder than the Fenders? Also any comments on the Fender pickups would be appreciated.
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I havent tried the Fender noiseless but some guitar friends of mine have and were not that impressed.


I personally settled on Kinman model FV-HMS pups which sound great but are pricy at $275 for a matched set of 3 pups. This model gives a great clean but full modern strat tone. The lows are ballsy but the highs cut but without any irritating screech (i.e. ice pick in your ear).


If the Kinman's are out of your budget, I would try the Bill Lawrence pups. These are great quality Strat pups are a very reasonable price of $40/pup. I recommend the 280 model for the neck and middle pup and the hotter 290 model for the bridge. Check out billlawrence.com site for much good pup valid knowledge vs. myths.

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The Fender Noiseless pickups are toneless as well. I'm a huge fan of the Fender Fat 50's. They are perfectly balanced, sound like a Strat is supossed to sound with bell like high end and brutal cut through bass. The hotter the pickup the worse the tone, and to me it is all about tone. If it sounds great coming out of your guitar, and you don't go through a bunch of pedals to muck it up and sound like a transistor radio, and you have any of a bunch of great sounding amps available you are going to sound good. Real good.
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There are two different Vintage Noiseless pickup types... "normal" and "hot"...


The "hot" ones are standard in the American Deluxe Fat Strat. Play one of these guitars if you want to demo both the sound, and the volume balance with a humbucker.


I have one of these guitars, and I like it alot. The sound isn't "classic vintage"... I agree with those that say that other pickups are more "vintage"... but I also really like the way these pickups sound... even though they're not vintage.


If you play them and decide to get them, you might also think about changing the pots... The ones in the American Deluxe's I believe are different than in the stock strats... check with your Fender dealer or tech to get the scoop on this... Without this change of pots, you won't get the best use of these pickups.


I find the "hot" pickups to be a good volume match with the humbucker... so I'd suggest those if you decide on these pickups.


I modded a "Lone Star" strat a while back with a couple of these pickups, and it sounded good. Of course it's all your own taste that counts, don't take my word or anyone's but your own ears...



I'm still "guitplayer"!

Check out my music if you like...



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