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Happy B-Day to me!


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Yep, today's the day. My sweetie got me a Vox Brian May amp. It's a sweet little beast and one of the only amps without tubes in it I've seen that sounds pretty cool. Not nearly as cool as my Boogs but very useable and a sound I don't have.


It sounds like an ass end overdrive amp, a bit like a cranked Marshall. When you get close to it with the input all the way up and hi gain switch engaged it gives you cool crescendoing controlled feedback. I've never got that at bedroom/practice volumes before.


Can't wait to send the treble booster output into my Vibro Champ. Should be way cool.


I highly recommend this little monster. Fantastic practice tool. It kinda cleans up but the overdrive is what you'll want it for. Very groovy crunching AC or ZZ rhythm sounds.


Also got all three Fountains of Wayne CDs!


Very cool B-day for me! :thu::D

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Originally posted by Mike Gug:

Also got all three Fountains of Wayne CDs!

Are the others as good as "Interstate Managers?"
Well, Phil had a thread about these guys on SSS which had me intrigued. I guess my hints worked.


The first one is very good, the second one even better and Interstate Managers is even better. These guys are definately growing musically and they've always got some good off the wall funny lyrics going on. I think all three are definately worth having.


Thanks for the well wishes everyone. :thu:

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