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couple months with the Dr.Z GHIA


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so i have had my Doctor Z Carmen Ghia for about 2 months now. and one thing i am finding is that these amps take some getting used to. esspecially if you are accustomed to more modern type amps. the more i play this thing, the more i love it. it responds so well to your playing (even when cranked and overdrive going). at first i thought "yeah, this amp is cool but just don't cut it with the band". but now i just cant get enough of the thing. last night at practice i had it running a 1X12 with a greenback in parralel with my 4X12 V30/GH20 cab and man, did it sound sweet. this is like no other amp i have played, with one channel and two controls. i mean i can get several good, solid tones without even touching the amp. i have been using a Reverend Drivetrain II and a Boss SD-1 together. the DT for chunky rythem and the SD-1 for lead stuff, not to forget just the amp tone. with this set up i can go from a bluesy clip to 80's metal. it's really amazing.


i also did a recording project with it with great results. it was so much easier to set up than my MArshall DSL50. if any of you want to check it out, look at www.stragglersf.com and i have a couple of song links on there. they may be mushy due to small file sizes.


so, i really prefer the Ghia over the DSL at this point as far as tone and expression go. but the marshall comes to gigs with me. the marshall just has the balls and power to where i never need to worry if there is enough.


only if the ghia was like 30 watts. i guess my next amp will be a Mazerati then?

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